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Classic Conan! Trying to resolve the conflict in the Middle East.  You gotta watch this whole episode to see the lead-in to this segment which made it even funnier.


Here’s a cool look inside of Barbie.  Check out his site.  There are other cool things.


Stewart vs Rubio:  probably one of the best Left/Right philosophical debates I’ve heard of late.  I’ll just let you judge for yourself who’s speaking more truths.  (—-marco-rubio-extended-interview-pt—2)There’s also a part one to this interview -but, the latter one is more substantial. Here’s the link to Part 1:  (—-marco-rubio-extended-interview-pt—1)  -Waveybrain

One day more army recruits will come from CalArts than West Point.  Imagine how much faster that would go with some “extremes” (animation lingo).  -Waveybrain

This is funny.  I haven’t seen Pete since when we were at CalArts together.  Nice to see peers doing what they set out to do.  Pete was very passionate about animation from day one.  -Waveybrain


Peter is my mentor this term. :)

I have a certain regard for what Ron Paul says and does.  I wasn’t aware of this controversy at the 2012 RNC.  I wonder how many delegate votes he actually accrued compared to Romney.  He certainly would have made for a more interesting debater.



I figured the first post on my blog should be an extra good one so here it is.

So stupid.  So funny.  -Waveybrain


Maybe this is why Ron Paul wasn’t selected as Republican candidate

Here’s an interesting break down of how to draw arguably one of the weirdest looking human features.  -Waveybrain




Sorry for making such a huge post! I was just concerned about some of the bigger pictures being viewable, so I didn’t want to make this a text post…

this is what i have been waiting for my entire life.

Oh my god, thank you.

Ears are actually the bane of my artist existence.


Because I’m a freak and all I watch are documentaries. 

Film critic Patrick Goldstein recently wrote his last piece for the LA Times. The article, “Wanted: A Few Good Mavericks“, is about the lack of originality in Hollywood and it’s worth reading in full. In particular though, Goldstein’s bit about what sets Spike Lee apart from other directors in Hollywood stood out:
In 1988, not long […]

AMEN -Waveybrain

AMEN -Waveybrain

Last weekend we broke the story about Mike Tracy, a veteran teacher at the Art Institute of California—Orange County who is being threatened with termination by the school’s management because he refused to force his students to buy E-textbooks that he felt were unnecessary. Since we published the story, we’ve learned that the E-textbook controversy […]

There is hope:  one day Walmart will re-introduce “humanoid” cashiers.  You’ll be able to pick from: Pamela Anderson, Michael Jackson, Senatra…as your cashier.

That’s probably true.  -Waveybrain

That’s probably true.  -Waveybrain