surf with me

These paintings were done by John Watkiss. He’s an amazing artist (  I remember my wife and I went to his home when he was working on “World of Tomorrow”.  The art was amazing.  He makes it look so easy!  I remember that was the day (probably spring 2002) when I first heard of “chem clouds”.  He pointed out the peculiar clouds being formed by jet contrails.  I’ve been looking up since that day and observed a lot of strange patterns in the sky caused by contrails.  There’s a whole conspiracy on that subject with lots of evidence and speculation.  Anyway, I don’t think he gets the amount of credit he deserves on many of his films.  




I’ve probably mentioned this before:  I remember getting my Tarzan book signed by Glen, and asking him to write something to inspire me.  I thought I caught him off guard when he decided to write, “If it’s comes too easy you’re doing something wrong”.  It’s been one of those thoughts ingrained in me ever since.  Of course…I also spoke to Walt Peregoy about his art and approach.  He didn’t contradict that. But, he said basically ‘just draw’.  Much of his work wasn’t planned or over-thought, but spontaneous.  I think when you’re very experienced that idea makes even more sense-trust yourself.  Anyway, you can see Glen applying those ideas right here in this “pencil test”.  -Waveybrain


And here’s a fun clip about Glen Keane’s process for improving the animation on Tangled. He would draw over the shot as a reference for the animators so they could push the animation to be as good as it can be.