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"File Sharing Pirate #1"  Here’s an interesting interview with Kim Schmitz, founder of the MegaUpload website.  I just heard about him today on the radio because he’s been targeted for his supposed role in internet piracy.  I’ve never seen or used the website, but I think he makes a very valid and compelling argument protecting himself.  It sounds very unjust to me. -Waveybrain

Mos Def talking about the results of forfeiting your creativity for materialism.  


HaHa! Not only do we discover that Sendak is gay; we also learn that he doesn’t really like people or kids, or book signings, or “Where The Wild Things Are”…All in good fun! -Waveybrain

Stephen Colbert’s two-part interview with Where the Wild Things Are author/illustrator Maurice Sendak easily ranks as the most entertaining interview I’ve ever seen with a children’s book author. I’m sure it’ll be much discussed at the Society of Children’s Book Writers