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Primus was a great band to see live.  Here’s an unusual retrospective on them.  I guess I’m actually about 70 years old!  I remember a show at the Hollywood Palladium that looked like the opening shot on this “retrospective”.  Good times! -Waveybrain

Where is the Dark Knight in this picture?  It’s a weird one and reminds me of cheesy film representations of these kinds of sub-cultures.  Nice to see a more authentic version for a change.  Looks wild. -Waveybrain


Leeside Skateboard Mayhem

Con música de Death Grips

Play this song while watching that gif I posted below.  It’s pretty cool!  -Waveybrain


I love love love love this song.

Well, that’s different!  Very cool!  -Waveybrain


Yearsa modified record player by German artist Bartholomäus Traubeck that translates the growth rings on a cross section of a tree into haunting piano music – a fine addition to these experimental projects making music from natural elements.  (via)