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Ever hear of the Black Swan effect?

Pretty great conclusion to the world title race.  Parko certainly deserved it.  I think he had the most style in the Pipe Masters.  I only wish it came down to a final with Slater.  -Waveybrain

Okay, NOW I want to go to Dubai!  Beautiful vid (sounds great w/ headphones)!  The guy must be married or something. -Waveybrain

A BLIND SURFER…yup.  Check out this Brazilian guy riding waves in Hawaii-at Pipeline! He’s totally blind.  -Waveybrain

Zen ideas from a surfers point of view.  I think he’s exactly right:  with a name like Yogis, how could he be wrong?  Now, how do I articulate those ideas to a 6yr old?? -Waveybrain

Nice! -Waveybrain

Nice! -Waveybrain

Tonight I was looking at a product intended for kids to play in water with, but I couldn’t help thinking about the waste and that there are kids (and adults) around the world who would view such surplus with genuine disbelief.

I’ve seen Waves For Water founder, Jon Rose on several live webcasts of surf contests.  And, have admired their mission and efforts toward bringing clean water to areas in need.  It’s inspiring and one of those causes worth spreading the word about.  So, by all means, “reblog”!    -Waveybrain

Nice little Gerry Lopez vid. -Waveybrain


Gerry Lopez is known for flowing with some serious style through the eye of the storm called Pipeline, but he also flows through life just as masterfully.

This one is for my little Bini.  I hope we get to surf together.

Great little insights from a great surfer.  That late backside drop right into the barrel was…sick!

It’s one of the most tragic stories I’ve heard in a while.  Andy Irons was one of the most exciting surfers to watch.  His wife is due in December.  There’s confusion about how he died.  My gut reaction was that the initial story didn’t make sense.  Whatever the case, and like they state in this Surfline tribute, the best way to honor a great surfer is to keep on surfing.  That is the lesson you learn in the water:  you can be given gifts from nature, magically make waves come to you, or get your ass handed to you.  Most importantly you learn to press on and keep surfing.